We are Billy and Mike, a musical duo that plays classic rock and country in the general area of Lake Grapevine. We mostly play at Big Daddy’s Ship Store located in Scotts Landing Marina with occasional appearances in other venues.

We also do private parties starting at $300 and up. See our booking page for more info.

How it all started…

One Saturday night back in the summer of 2012, Mike took his kids sailing over to Big Daddy’s for a burger. Mike had seen a few entertainers at Big Daddy’s before and thought it might be fun to play a gig there sometime.

Well, guess who the entertainer was that night. If you guessed Cat Stevens, you’d be wrong… it was Billy playing a Cat Stevens song! Of course, Billy was doing a mighty fine job of singing and playing guitar to entertain the fine folks on the dock.

Now Billy was playing all by himself that night, but he had an extra microphone off to the side. People were coming up and “singing” along with Billy. No offense to the patrons on the dock, but there’s a reason I put “singing” in quotes!  😉  Mike figured that Billy would surely appreciate it if someone got up and sang real harmonies with him. So, Mike jumped up and grabbed the microphone on the next song. Oh, ’twas a magical moment. The sound was sweet, and the people on the dock tapped their feet, and they all clapped their hands, and nodded their heads to the rhythm of the music, then exploded in glorious applause at the end of the song.

Billy was pleased and he loved Mikes harmonies so much that he handed his guitar to Mike and said, “why don’t ya play a few”. Thereafter, he invited Mike to join him for future gigs. And the rest is history!

Billy Allen

Billy has been playing and singing since 1993, performing at his Church, small parties and at Big Daddy’s.

Mike Glanton

Mike started playing guitar in 1976 at the age of 10. He grew up singing harmonies and learned by watching his dad performing in folk and bluegrass bands. Then about 5 years ago, he started singing more lead vocals. He also plays bass, some keyboards and some drums. To say that Michael has been in a few bands would be an understatement, but some of the highlights are Five Flights Up (late 80’s Deep Ellum band), Temper Temper, Chevy Van (70’s band), Speedtrucker, Owen Moore Band, Outlaw Jones, Blue Moon Drive (Bluegrass on upright bass) and The Kat Moore Band (not related to Owen Moore).

Mike’s current bands are:

  1. eMpTyVs – A Tribute to the Music Television Era
  2. The Fearless Band Called Popper – Decades of Alternative Music from the 60s to the present.
  3. The Billy & Mike Show – Classic Rock & Country